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rug cleaning kensington w8A considerable amount of dirt is locked even through the most delicate of rugs, it can damage colours, lessen the strength of the fibers and even cause respiratory issues. Luckily our cleaning services in Kensington W8 area can deal with that and give you the following benefits:

  • Full dirt and dust removal
  • Continuous fiber dirt protection
  • Reasonable rates
  • Prolonged rug life
  • Combined booking discounts

Get your rug cleaned and sanitised. Dial 020 3746 8238 or simply fill out our contact form. Either way, we will quickly respond and offer you same day & urgent appointment. The teams we send in Kensington are equipped with modern machines & Prochem detergents. All of the technicians are fully insured & agency managed. Entire W8 area covered.

Why Should You Choose Local Cleaners Kensington?

Get your exotic and oriental rugs cleaned by the best hands in the industry, only using the safest and most effective methods. Local Cleaners Kensington can guarantee a clean result every time. We utilize steam and dry cleaning to achieve the desired clean and refreshed rug, regardless of type, size and condition. All detergents adhere to the standards set by the REACH regulation, providing exquisite final results.

Cleaning Services Explained

Dry Rug Cleaning – is what we use to clean delicate, exotic oriental Persian or Turkish rugs in Kensington. As the process does not use water nor heat as cleaning mechanics, it is safe for use on silk, cotton, sisal and even satin. The potent effects of the dry detergent can deal with odours, stains ranging from food to engine oil and even paint, and even treat discolorations. By applying the fine dust detergent on the affected area, then brushing it with a fine brush, we make sure that proper contact between the stain and the agent resulting in a better cleaning altogether. Everything is then extracted with a vacuum cleaner and stored in a safe container.

Steam Rug Cleaning – has the cleaning power to dissolve and eradicate even the sturdiest of stains, from dried out paint, to makeup, wine, coffee and even paint thinner. Because of its potency, it is recommended use is on synthetic and woolen materials as their fibers can best react to the anti-microbial capabilities of the high heat. A detergent specially chosen for your rug and stain type is infused into the water before it’s brought to a boil, this allows for an even better cleaning experience. Local Cleaners Kensington cares for your home comfort.

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Call for the best cleaning service in Kensington and get all of your regular and exotic rugs cleaned by a professional, dedicated team of cleaners. We pick up at 020 3746 8238 and answer all cleaning related questions. Don’t forget to receive your free rug quote now.