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Mattress Cleaning Kensington W8

mattress cleaning kensington w8Act quickly. Using Local Cleaners Kensington feels safe knowing that all dust mites or bed bugs are removed. No chance of further contamination. The mattress cleaning service has a wide range of benefits. Here are some just to name a few:

  • Bedbug & dust protection
  • Lower allergen and pollen levels
  • Full pet stain removal
  • Combined bookings discount

To learn the full list of benefits, know more about the mattress cleaning service in general or receive a free price estimation, call our mattress cleaning Kensington team on 020 3746 8238. Feel the difference.

Advantages of Local Cleaners Kensington

With Local Cleaners Kensington, you won’t have to tolerate stains, dust accumulation and bad pet odours because the dedicated cleaning teams can ensure ideal results every time. Your mattresses can become quite an unsafe place, hosting multiple colonies of bed bugs or dust mites which can results in allergies in children and adults. We can quickly and efficiently remedy such situations, without even having to use harmful chemicals. The cleaning experts are using the latest eco-friendly detergents.

Cleaning Service Details

UV Light Treatment – is our special cleaning service in Kensington designed for bed bugs and dust mites. Successfully exterminating entire colonies in all stages of development. 2-3 lights are deployed over the affected bed mattress in a way that covers all angles properly. The mattress itself is prepped by hovering it to guarantee to no contaminants like hairs or dirt will interfere with the proper extermination. The lights are left to work for a couple of minutes, reaching all layers of the mattress, quickly and efficiently killing all unwanted critters. The carcasses and fecal matter are then drawn out with a very powerful vacuum to guarantee full extermination and allergen removal.

Steam Cleaning – has the merits of a follow-up procedure the heat of which destroys the bonds of all stains and odours. A jet infused with a mattress cleaning detergent is injected into the mattress, dissolving stains, removing odours and even acting as an anti-bacterial treatment. We extract 98% of the moisture, leaving only a small portion that dries out within 1-2 hours of completion. A very effective way of cleaning your bed mattress, without harming you or the environment. The cleaning teams in the Kensington area are professionals. You will see the difference. 

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