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Local Cleaners Kensington - FAQ

A: We certainly can, we have a special treatment that has a gentle approach towards old rugs, ensuring a clean finish without damaging or worsening their condition.

A: Yes. Yes there is, further specified in our Terms & Condition page, we have a minimum charge of 47 pounds. This is necessary for us to cover the minimum costs of sending a dedicated cleaning crew out on a job.

A: Yes, even though we recommend that all cleaning is left to the professionals, we also consult our customers about the proper ways of cleaning different stains and messes without damaging the fibers of your carpet/rug/upholstery/curtain/mattress.

A: Generally yes, though you need to be aware that the longer a stain has been on the fibers of your furniture, the harder it is to remove. With time the stain binds with the textile more and more, making it harder for the bond to be broken, so we urge you to clean/call us as soon as possible as to ensure the full and proper stain removal.

A: Yes they are, your safety is our main priority, this is why we’ve made an effort to pick only the best of the best bio-degradable detergents that have no harmful consequences on the environment or yourself.